Stay Updated on the Latest Security Camera Technology

Advanced Security Camera Technology

The days of fuzzy camera pictures from security system cameras is in the past. At Security Camera Corporation, we want to give you the latest information on the advances in security camera technology to help you decide which system is best for your business.

There is more than one solution, so let the experts help you find what fits your needs best. You can choose between analog and digital, but which one is best for you? Digital cameras stream more information at faster speeds than analog cameras, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the digital is best for you. Both analog and digital can be viewed remotely over the internet and both can be high definition HD or standard definition SD. The difference is in the number of pixels. The more pixels on the screen, the more detail you will be able to see.

Making a decision between digital or analog depends on several things. How big is your property, what type of business you have, whether you are upgrading an existing camera system or installing a brand new one and of course, your budget. Both digital and analog can be upgraded to HD.

Whether you are purchasing a new system or upgrading your existing analog system to a full high def, our system will provide you with remote features. These features which include super high-resolution cameras, remote video capabilities, user friendly management software may be the solution for your company. It all depends on the size of your business.

Businesses are four times as likely to be burglarized than houses and small businesses are the most frequent targets. A video surveillance system can help keep your employees, facilities, and inventory safe. If your property is difficult to secure and your inventory is in need of guarding, consider letting Security Camera Corporation come by today to give you a free analysis and quote. We will provide you with a security and implementation plan to best protect your assets. The goal is to deter, detect, and prevent intrusion and/or theft.