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Security Camera Corporation is a leader when it comes to security surveillance. We offer sales, installation of security infrastructure and services throughout the Santa Cruz County and surrounding areas.

If you are opting for a commercial surveillance system installation, then be sure that the system will be fully integrated into your current security system. We tailor our services to meet all your needs.

We have over 30 years of experience in offering reliable security surveillance solutions.

Security Camera Corporation

Products We Offer

DeepinMind NVR

DeepinMind NVR identifies humans and records them. This tool has the additional features of eliminating irrelevant detections.

DarkFighterX Camera

DarkFighterX Camera tool guarantees high image quality. It has a dual-sensor as well.

DarkFighterX PTZ

This camera has a high-quality lens and a dual sensor, making it the ultimate solution for even the most demanding business.

Analytics We Offer

Security Camera Corporation enables you to have an effective approach to video surveillance. Make your cameras productive by getting the information required to assess any deviations in maintaining systems and processes of your workplaces or neighborhoods.

Face Recognition

Face recognition is a technology capable of identifying or verifying a person from a digital image or a video frame. It works by comparing selected facial features from a given image with faces within a database. This helps law enforcement identify potential criminals.

Face Detection

Face Detection is a computer technology that identifies human faces and images, alerting you about people who should not be within your business or on your property.

Intrusion Detection

This system monitors an area by detecting and surveying movement to capture events. The main feature is used to record break-ins or other criminal activity for prosecution. It can be used for supervising a warehouse, bank, retail store, or just watching entries and exits.

Line Crossing

Line crossing allows you to add a line or lines on a specific camera that should not be crossed. If a set line is crossed, the camera will either begin recording, send an alert or even sound an alarm. Line crossing is ideal for fence detection, property monitoring, and parking areas that should not be entered.

De-focus Detection

This will alert you if your camera is dirty or unfocused.

Tamper Detection

This will alert you if the viewing angle changes or if the camera has been blocked.

Unattended Baggage

This will alert you if there is a suspicious object or an unattended bag.

Audio Loss Detection

When this function is enabled, alarm actions will be triggered when there is an audio loss.

Scene Change Detection

If someone changes the camera’s viewing direction so that the camera captures a different scene, the camera will automatically detect the event and can trigger alarms or recording if pre-configured.

Region Entrance|Exiting

Region entrance/exiting systems alert you when someone enters or exits a zone.

Object Removal (Detection)

The camera will automatically detect an event, such as objects being removed from a pre-defined area and can trigger alarms or recording if pre-configured.

Object Counting

This allows the camera to count the number of visitors in a particular space. It is a perfect solution for busy commercial stores, shopping centers, railway stations, museums, and tourist attractions. Information can be extracted to analyze the number of people coming and going, over any period of time.

Heat Mapping

This records the motion of customer-foot traffic. It displays different colors, for instance, the red area shows where customers tend to stay longer, and blue reflects otherwise. This is ideal in helping businesses identify the most popular merchandise and where to place products to increase sales. This is ideal in supermarkets and retail stores.

Fire Detection

This feature is designed to detect fires before they happen, preventing property loss.

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